AVI in collaboration with KAKUTE

In collaboration with AVI, KAKUTE Projects Company Limited (KPCL) is pleased to announce the first Australian Volunteer commenced working in the Arusha offices on June 02nd, 2018.

Simon Carr will be assisting KPCL in improving financial management systems, forming strategic partnerships and Program M&E. Simon arrives in Arusha from Melbourne, Australia and has a background in business analytics in the technology industry.

From United Nations departments and international NGOs, through to grassroots organisations, universities, local Governments, hospitals and private enterprises – Australian Volunteers provide expert assistance to those who will benefit the most. Over 60 years, Australian Volunteers International (AVI) has supported 2,500 Overseas Partner Organisations with locally qualified staff working closely with each organisation to identify where Australian expertise could assist to develop local capacity.

Volunteers work with overseas organisations who are driving their own change where AVI can enhance their efforts to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods. The impacts are often realised long after the volunteering assignment has completed as it is a process requiring lifelong bonds to be formed and whole world views to be changed.

Australian volunteers come from all walks of life. The demographics, expertise and motivations of international volunteers vary greatly however it is expected that volunteers are degree qualified with relevant industry experience and the unique personal competencies to ensure a successful overseas assignment. Training and mentoring is the key objective of every volunteer assignment with a strong commitment to developing the capacity of others and working in a team. Volunteers are typically those who are curious about other cultures. They are open to learning as much as they will teach. People with great enthusiasm or experience working cross-culturally.

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