The collective experience of KAKUTE’s team over 23 years is our strong relationships with trusted colleagues around the world allow us to identify and engage key people to working with us on different projects, programs and field assignments.

Over the past 23 years, we have worked on the ground in East Africa to create a strong network of practitioners in private companies, government, academia and non-governmental organizations that we can tap into.

The previous and current project development and research work undertaken by KAKUTE 

2016 to Date: In collaboration with LGA in Simanjiro, Siha and Moshi municipal we are exploring the possibility of conducting a research to establish the district industrialization strategy document which will profile districts needs to realize the national industrial plan 2016-2020

2012 to Date: Facilitating and working in collaboration with Mobisol GmbH to pilot and scale project Mobisol’s business model in Tanzania. The plan includes reaching 20 regions of Tanzania, and electrifying 55,000 households in 59 districts. KAKUTE is mainly responsible for the advocacy and lobbying with government leaders and community in general.

2008 to Date: Member of the Tanzanian Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), and host to their Northern Zone branch in Arusha. The branch is taking care of Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara regions to identify RE-related practitioners interested in a TAREA membership to strengthen the association in northern Tanzania. By now, 118 potential members have been identified in this area for further follow up.

2012 – 2015: Initiated the EmbarkEnergy program which promoted clean energy entrepreneurs to develop their business plans for financing. Curriculum and training material were made and piloted to 15 entrepreneurs who produced viable business plans.

2012 – 2014: Through REA and Energiebau GmbH, KAKUTE initiated a project in Longido district through LRTC 2012 Program. The project has installed 10kw Solar Photovoltaic System for Lerang’wa Health Centre and that provides enough energy to run the facility. This enabled effective and efficient health services, reducing child- and maternal-mortality, and increasing immunization coverage within the area.

2011 – 2014: For three years we worked closely with SNV Netherlands Development Organization, offering business development services (BDS) to 19 biogas contractor enterprises for Kilimanjaro and Tanga, Arusha and Manyara regions. We have been accepted as a partner in the organizations' pool of local capacity builders.

2010 - 2016Successful supported technology and business innovation the Pay as you Go solar business model in Tanzania in collaboration with MOBISOL UK Limited.

>> The business innovation development program.
>> Mobisol Pay as you Go business model in Tanzania.
2013 - 2015Coordinate Embark Energy business program in Tanzania and East Africa. On line Renewable energy business development program.
2012 - 2014Develop and implement successfully LRTC 2012 project with REA, and provided business development service (BDS) consultancy services to SNV and TDBP

>> Business development training program
>> The business innovation incubator program
2009 - 2015Establishing and running a volunteer program in Tanzania in collaboration with DTP and TAREA.

The renewable energy school program.
18th December 2008KAKUTE changes it's mandate to a limited company by quarantine without share capital, and changes name to KAKUTE Projects Company Ltd.

KAKUTE Projects Co. Limited (KPCL)
2005 -2010Commercialization of Jatropha project in Tanzania (Was Member of the Biofuel national task force in Tanzania, and TAREA)

>> Biofuel project in Tanzania
>> Active member of Tanzania renewable energy association.
2005KAKUTE publicly celebrates 10 years anniversary founding Jatropha Product Tanzania Limited (JPTL) and KAMA

>> Jatropha products Tanzania Limited
>> KAMA herbal products in Tanzania
2000 - 2005Initiation, development and implementation of Jatropha value chain project in Tanzania in collaboration with HPI (Heifer Project International)

>> Jatropha soap value chain
>> Decentralized off grid solution.
1998 - 2000Development of value chain of Moringa Artemisia and it's products in the market

>> Moringa products value chain
1996 - 1999Market development of treadle pump for irrigation in Tanzania

>> The money maker pump in Tanzania.
1995 - 2000Commercialization of T-Press project activities in Tanzania (Development of oil seed value chain in Tanzania) Through National Income Generation Program (NIGP)

>> Sunflower value chain development (Singida region)