KAKUTE Bridge Program

The KAKUTE Bridge program, in partnership with the JR Institute of Information technology (JRIIT) will bring this formal entrepreneurship training syllabus to students studying technical trades who are ideal candidates for business startups.


Connecting the brightest graduates with partnered business accelerators, the Bridge program will become a mechanism for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

The plan

4 phase entrepreneur and business incubation program:

  • Awareness campaign: including student ambassadors, promotional material (posters) etc.
  • Business plan competition: to be submitted in soft/ hard copy at COB WS2
  • Five practical workshops culminating in product exhibition with potential customers
  • KPCL Bridge Program; the KAKUTE business incubation program.

Expected outcome:

  • 260 JRIIT students Improved understanding of entrepreneurship fundamentals and the culture that exists in starting a new business.
  • 150 candidates: expression and definition of business ideas through completion of business plans
  • 10 male and 10 female entrepreneurs: Further define business concepts through business incubation, additional entrepreneurship training
  • 10 entrepreneurs Graduates of the Bridge program receive intensive mentorship and are introduced to our partner accelerator Twende.
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