KAKUTE 20th Anniversary…
We are celebrating 20 years of achieving & sustaining positive innovative impact to community.

Water and Sanitation

The overreaching goal of KPCL water and sanitation program is to support innovation and incubate business model to provide sustainable market-driven water supply, sanitation, and hygiene services to improve health and increase economic resiliency of the poor in targeted rural areas and small towns within an integrated water resource management frame-work

Food insecurity

Long-term lack of food security eventually becomes hunger. "Food security exists when all people at all times, have a physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences for inactive and health life. Food security comprises several different components, including food access, distribution of food, the stability of the food supply, and the use of food. KPCL is looking for rural innovators to create business solutions that could be scaled through its incubator network.

Land use plan

KPCL Land-use planning program is aiming to initiate the system assessment of land and water potential, create alternatives for land use and economic and social condition in order to select and adopt the best land-use options. It's purpose is to select is to select and put into practice those land uses that will best meet the needs of the people while safeguarding resources for the future. KPCL is looking for innovators and strategic partner who can drive force in planning is the need for change., the need for improved management or the need for a quite different pattern of land use dictated by changing circumstance.