Senior Volunteers Program

KAKUTE's Senior Volunteer Program offers mid- and senior-level professionals with the opportunity to contribute to new and on-going initiatives within the organization. Many of our Senior Volunteers are innovators and entrepreneurs. Through KAKUTE, volunteers have access to an established platform to better understand the diverse contexts and sectors within Tanzania, and to explore ideas and concepts they might be working.

Professional Volunteer Program

An opportunity for a broad range of skilled professionals to contribute their time and niche expertise to an established social enterprise NGO.

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Social Entrepreneur Program

Do you have an idea for improving the local quality of life through entrepreneurship? Come and work with us to make your concept a reality that can change lives!

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Academic and Research Program

Join our academic research teams in program M&E or project data analysis, contributing towards our overall impact database and enabling fact based science and the peer review process.

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Visiting Groups

Experience the realities of rural savannah life in Tanzania and the impact that our renewable energy systems have upon the local village communities.

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